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Pre-Release Access

Our unique mobile app, MyLotusLifestyle, will be released on the Apple App Store in early 2024, but you can join our pre-release beta team to begin experiencing its benefits TODAY! Plan your unique journey to healthy and joyful living by defining your personal vision for wellbeing, goals and actions, and creating a wellbeing journal to track your progress.

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Tech Specs

  • Designed for iOS, either iPhone or iPad

  • Supports iOS Dark Mode and dynamic font size for accessibility

  • Requires the latest iOS 17

  • Future plans to support Android users

Get Started

  • Request pre-release access by submitting the form above

  • You will receive an email directly from Apple TestFlight with a link to install a beta version of MyLotusLifestyle (iPhone or iPad)

  • The email also contains instructions to install Apple's TestFlight app, if you don't already have it on your device

Testing the App

Help us create the most valuable user experience by:

  • Sharing what’s awesome

  • Identifying areas that need clarity

  • Outlining problems or questions you have while using the app

  • Brainstorming ideas for additional features

We ask for a one-month commitment to complete working through one of your goals and two-follow-up “check-ins” prompted by the app. Confidentiality note: Your details and usage remains strictly private and protected within the app on your iPhone.

Create a WellBeing Plan

WellBeing Plan

Plan your unique journey to healthy and joyful living by defining your personal vision for health, goals and actions steps.


By first reflecting on and understanding what you want for your health, create a foundation for why wellbeing is important to you and what obstacles are standing in your way. 


Become a WellBeing by planning:

  • Vision: What is your vision for a vibrant, healthy life? 

  • Focus: Select one or two areas from My Lotus Lifestyle to focus your plan

  • Goals: Add a goal for each focus area that you are committed to achieving in the next 3-6 months

  • Action Steps: Add action steps for each goal

Action Step Tracking

Track Progress

Log your activity and track progress toward your goal.

Action steps are your daily commitments that build steady progress toward your WellBeing Plan goals and lifestyle.

  • Daily commitments, or

  • Weekly action steps, e.g. aerobic exercise 3 times per week

  • Add WellBeing Journal notes for each action step

Progress Check-in Flow

Progress Check-In

Review your progress on planned goals and action steps since last check-in (customizable timeframe).

Follow the guided check-in process:

  • What have you accomplished since your last check-in?

  • Journal notes about your personal journey toward wellbeing.

  • Describe your accomplishments, challenges, and what you would like to focus on next.

  • Update your wellbeing plan focus, goals and action steps.

My Lotus Notifications - framed.png


Get reminders to help keep you on track with your goals and action steps.


Personal wellbeing at your fingertips.

Sign up for pre-release access today! Align your true purpose with your personal wellbeing plan through this integrated app.

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