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Your Journey

Become your own healer

As your WellBeing Coach, I help you uncover the wisdom you innately have through empowerment and proactive steps on your journey to whole health.


My goal is to thoughtfully guide you toward alignment with your best self for true transformation. As a deep listener and intuitive coach, I help you self-discover through a proactive planning and accountability partnership to bring awareness to the knowledge you already have inside you.

An East+West Philosophy

Mind + Body

With robust training in meditation, health, and total wellbeing from Chopra, I offer ancient wisdom and a holistic approach to help you experience deep transformative healing. This emphasizes the mind-body-spirit connection and uncovers limiting beliefs through a variety of techniques including yoga and mindfulness.

Traditional Medicine

In harmony with Chopra, I incorporate the Duke Integrative Medicine approach to health and wellbeing. This National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching Training Program improves your health behaviors and outcomes through evidence-based practices and techniques including diet, exercise, and stress management.

I blend health coaching philosophies and modalities to empower change. In tandem, both approaches bring the best of ancient wisdom and modern medicine together for integrated healing. Scroll over each box to learn more.

How I work with you

Consult ⇨ Evaluate ⇨ Set Goals ⇨ Plan ⇨ Monitor + Support

As I get to know you, I learn how best to serve you through one-on-one sessions – providing the structured framework and accountability partnership to help you identify your purpose, set goals, and take action.


Let's Talk!

Book your free, 20-minute consultation to explore if we’re a good fit.

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