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Our Story

Just as mountains stand strong and the lotus grows in mud to bloom into a beautiful flower,  you can overcome today's disconnected lifestyle of fast food, sedentary living, high stress and an isolated social life -- the proverbial mud in our society. 


We invite you to become a WellBeing – the constant evolution of balancing your mind, body and spirit uniquely for you.

While becoming a WellBeing is a personal endeavor, some things are true no matter what. Finding and maintaining good physical and mental health is part of the journey, but equally important is tapping into the social, emotional, and spiritual parts of you. True health and happiness includes having a sense of meaning or purpose and the ability to cope with stress to live a long and joyful life.

Meet Mountain Lotus Wellbeing

Mountain Lotus Wellbeing was founded by Aimee – your Wellbeing Coach – and her husband, Dave, the digital guru who supports her one-on-one coaching through his custom-made My Lotus WellBeing app.

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Aimee's Journey

Aimee Carlson

Co-founder + WellBeing Coach

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Aimee has a gentle way of holding space for her clients by being present and respectful to meet each person where they are in a non-judgmental way. Through listening and coaching (not to be confused with giving advice), Aimee empowers her clients to see they are their own changemakers and that integrated care and health are possible.

After healing herself, Aimee was compelled to help others. She strives to combat misconceptions about health – believing that health looks different on every body, and that each journey is unique.


Receiving her own benefits from coaching, Aimee has a robust understanding of what it’s like to be on both sides of the wellness journey. Working to heal her own struggles with emotional eating, anxiety, and depression, part of Aimee’s journey to becoming a WellBeing was recognizing her sense of purpose. She is unwavering in her passion to help others understand how to align themselves and their goals for integrated healing and health.


Challenging situations are also part of Aimee’s journey. At 16, she was pregnant and became a single mother with a limited support system. Through determination and hard work, she put herself through college at Western Michigan University, raised her child, and held positions in human resources, account management, and consulting. These experiences all contribute to her ability to connect with clients to help them overcome adversity in their lives.


For the last decade, Aimee built a massage practice in Montana and then Colorado. In 2022, she earned Chopra Global certifications, becoming a Meditation Teacher and Health Teacher.  In 2023, she became a certified Health Coach, earning both a Total Well-Being Coaching certificate from Chopra and then a Health and Well-Being Coaching certificate from Duke University. Bringing together her entrepreneurial spirit and corporate experience, she and her husband, Dave, co-founded Mountain Lotus WellBeing in 2023. In July 2024, Aimee will be acquiring board certification through The National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).

If you want to change the world, start with yourself.

Mahatma Gandhi

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Dave Carlson

Dave Carlson

Co-founder + Digital Guru

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A serial entrepreneur, creative innovator, educator and engineer, Dave uses tech to help people and bring joy into their daily lives. In four decades of technology-focused work, what drives him has always been making a positive difference in the lives of the people technology touches. 


The concept of connected health has been at the core of how Dave provides practical solutions for challenging problems to celebrate individuals along their unique healthcare journeys.


His drive and experience, along with the desire to work closer with Aimee, blossomed into a complementary partnership to best serve Mountain Lotus Wellbeing clients. Through the proprietary My Lotus WellBeing™ app Dave developed and continues to evolve, he empowers patients through a platform that connects many aspects of their health. 


Supporting the one-on-one health coaching role, Dave’s work enables clients to feel supported along their healthcare journey. The creation of My Lotus WellBeing as a person-centered app provides clients with digital tools that integrate ancient wisdom and modern medicine into their personal health plan to bring out their best self.

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

Steve Jobs

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