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My Lotus WellBeing™ App is Now Available!

We’re excited to announce the release of My Lotus WellBeing™ mobile app on the Apple App Store for your iPhone, iPad or Mac! Install on all three devices and your wellbeing plan will be synced and protected using your personal iCloud account. 

This release represents a major milestone in Dave Carlson’s personal journey over the last 5+ years to design a mobile app that can help all individuals improve their health and wellbeing. Dave and Aimee Carlson’s combined passion to support personal wellbeing and the coaching process, and Aimee’s certification as a Health & Wellbeing Coach, provided the focus to create My Lotus WellBeing. We’re excited to hear your feedback, success stories, and thoughts on how to improve the app for your personal use. For Android mobile users, we are working on a roadmap to support that platform with a dedicated Android app.

My Lotus WellBeing™ incorporates proven concepts from Health & Wellbeing Coach training programs by Duke University and Chopra to create an app that helps you to focus on what really matters in your life, not what is the matter with you. Create and focus your unique journey to better health & wellbeing using guided reflection on your personal vision for health, selecting a focus area, and creating goals that are truly important to you. My Lotus WellBeing then guides you through creating incremental, achievable action steps for each goal, provides notification reminders and tracks your progress. A biweekly guided Progress Check-in prompts you to review accomplishments and challenges, and update your planned goals and action steps to continue your journey toward better health and wellbeing.

You can read more detail about My Lotus WellBeing on our website or in the Apple App Store listing. My Lotus WellBeing app is free for all users with no subscription fees.

My Lotus WellBeing™ app is designed to support you by incorporating proven processes and tools used by certified health & wellbeing coaches. However, the best outcomes are realized when you work with a coach in person or virtually via Zoom. Our unique app guides you while completing an initial assessment of your vision for health and selecting your focus from eight areas of self-care. You can share this assessment with your coach from within the app. Then, in collaboration with your coach, you create goals and action steps within My Lotus WellBeing app, track daily progress, and complete a Progress Check-In assessment prior to your next coaching session.

Book your free, 20-minute coaching consultation to explore if we’re a good fit.


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