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Wellbeing + Digital Health Solutions: Working Together for a More Fulfilling Life

In the past few years, there’s been a growing interest in wellbeing, reflecting a shift from a traditional focus on treating illness to a more holistic approach that encompasses physical, mental, emotional, and social wellbeing.

This broader perspective recognizes that wellbeing is not just about the absence of disease but also about having a sense of purpose, vitality, and resilience.

Blend this whole health point of view with digital health – the convergence of constantly evolving tech and healthcare – and we can all benefit.

The Rapid Growth of Digital Health

Advancements in technology, increasing consumer demand for personalized healthcare, and the need for more efficient and cost-effective care delivery are all contributing to the rapid growth of the digital health industry. This growth has been particularly evident in the development of digital therapeutics – evidence-based software applications designed to treat or manage specific conditions.

With the potential to play a significant role in promoting wellbeing on a global scale, digital health provides accessible, personalized, and evidence-based tools. These tools can empower us to make informed decisions about our health, manage chronic conditions, and adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors. Encompassing a wide range of applications, these digital tools allow us to engage with them in the form of wearable devices, mobile health apps, telemedicine, and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions.

By utilizing these digital health tools and platforms, we can improve health outcomes and take control of our wellbeing. A plethora of digital health tools and resources are available to support our wellbeing journey by helping:

  • Track our health data, including physical activity, sleep patterns, and nutrition habits, providing insights into our overall health and wellbeing.

  • Set personalized goals and track progress towards achieving them, motivating us to make positive changes.

  • Access evidence-based information on health and wellness topics, empowering us to make informed decisions.

  • Connect with healthcare professionals remotely through telemedicine services, expanding access to care and reducing barriers.

Introducing My Lotus WellBeing: A Digital Health App for Your Wellbeing Journey

Our proprietary mobile health app, My Lotus WellBeing, is designed to support you on your personal journey to wellbeing. The app incorporates core elements of the health and wellbeing coaching process, providing a personalized and supportive experience to help you meet your goals.

We’ve designed this app to help you plan your unique journey to healthy and joyful living by defining your personal vision for health, goals and actions steps. And, you can track progress by logging activity toward your goals.

By first reflecting on and understanding what you want for your health, we invite you to create a foundation for why wellbeing is important to you and what obstacles are standing in your way. 


Key Features of My Lotus WellBeing:

  • Planning: What is your vision for a vibrant, healthy life? What one or two areas from My Lotus Lifestyle do you want to focus your plan on? What goals will you add for each focus area that you are committed to achieving in the next three to six months?

  • Focus area selection: Choose from various focus areas as outlined in our My Lotus Lifestyle framework, such as stress management, sleep improvement, or nutrition optimization.

  • Goal setting: Set realistic and achievable goals aligned with your chosen focus area.

  • Self-discovery and active learning: Engage in self-reflection activities and explore educational resources to gain deeper understanding of your wellbeing.

  • Behavior monitoring: Track your progress and monitor behaviors to increase accountability. 

  • Action Steps: Add action steps for each goal. These daily commitments build steady progress toward your WellBeing Plan goals and lifestyle.

Working with a WellBeing Coach 

While digital health offers numerous benefits, it’s important to recognize that analog experiences also play a crucial role in our wellbeing. Things like spending time in nature, connecting with loved ones, and engaging in hobbies, provide opportunities for relaxation, stress reduction, and social connection.

The ideal approach to wellbeing integrates both analog and digital experiences, leveraging the strengths of each to create a holistic and fulfilling lifestyle. Digital health tools can enhance our analog experiences by providing personalized insights, support, and motivation.

While My Lotus WellBeing provides valuable support and guidance, working with a certified Health & WellBeing Coach can further enhance your journey to becoming a WellBeing. Coaches offer personalized guidance, tailored strategies, and accountability, helping you overcome challenges and achieve your goals. As coaches, our goal is to help you uncover the wisdom you innately have through empowerment and proactive steps on your journey to whole health … thoughtfully guiding you toward alignment with your best self for true transformation.

Embark on Your WellBeing Journey

Digital health tools like My Lotus WellBeing, combined with the support of a Health & WellBeing Coach, can empower you to take charge of your wellbeing and create a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

By embracing the opportunities that digital health offers while also valuing the real-life insight and accountability of working with a WellBeing Coach, you can ensure that your journey to wellbeing will continue to evolve in the direction you desire with these companions by your side.


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