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Why Wellbeing is More Than Wellness

When you think about what it means to be well, the idea of health usually comes to mind – but it’s so much more than that.

Wellness vs. Wellbeing

Wellness alone tends to focus on our physical health, and can mean something different at every stage of life. Gallup defines wellness as a state of physical health without chronic suffering – and the ability and energy to do what we want in life.

While it’s true that wellness is an active process made up of our habits of eating, physical activity, and quality sleep – it’s just one part of overall wellbeing. You can make healthy food choices and move your body daily, but what if you hate your job or feel lonely? This isn’t a life where you’re thriving. Without balance in your life, your mental and physical health is undoubtedly affected and what may have started as not feeling your best can turn into chronic issues.

Becoming a well being is more than physical health and encompasses all of the elements that make up a well-lived life. Wellbeing is about the whole person…not just the parts or the absence of illness. It’s all of you – mind, body, and spirit. It’s good health and a good life. One where you have happiness, feel fulfilled, and find your purpose while maintaining a positive mental state, emotions, and moods.

Benefits of Wellbeing

Both Western and Eastern approaches understand the benefits of total wellbeing. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention found that higher levels of wellbeing are associated with decreased risk of disease, illness, and injury; better immune functioning; speedier recovery; and increased longevity.

A recent study* by the Chopra Center examined the health and wellbeing effects of traditional Ayurvedic practices including group meditation and yoga, massage, diet, adaptogenic herbs, lectures, and self-inquiry.

“Ancient forms of medicine, such as Ayurveda, were developed with the understanding that cultivating a deeper awareness of Self and the embodied Self’s connection with its environment are key to fostering health and wellbeing. The brief intervention led to increases in wellbeing as assessed by measures of spirituality, gratitude, and self-compassion while helping decrease blood levels of metabolites associated with inflammation, cardiovascular disease risk, and cholesterol regulation.”

Becoming a WellBeing

Wellbeing is your ideal, which is ever changing depending on where you are in life (both from an age and phase standpoint). This optimal and dynamic state is one where you feel you’re reaching your full potential. So, how do you get there?

To make choices aligned with your health and happiness, you have to have the skills that come with knowledge and self-awareness. It all starts with an inward journey to understanding your true self. By adopting practices that nourish your mind, body, and spirit, you’re empowered to dig into the depths of who you are and find the strength to show up as the best version of you.

At Mountain Lotus Wellbeing, we invite you to become a WellBeing by incorporating our eight elements into your life. Through our education and practice of ancient wisdom and modern medicine, we’ve brought these eight elements together as MyLotusLifestyle – your framework to become a WellBeing.

The Eight Elements of MyLotusLifestyle

Consider how these eight elements fit into your life today, and how you want them to fit into your ideal state of wellbeing.

  • Healthy Body

    • Your movement, energy and flexibility

  • Healthy Mind

    • How peaceful and present your mind is

  • Nourishment

    • How you fuel your body and mind

  • Restful Sleep

    • How you recharge your mental and physical energy

  • Physical Environment

    • How your space supports your overall health and wellbeing

  • Fulfillment & Purpose

    • What feeds your soul

  • Creativity & Play

    • What makes you come alive

  • Community

    • Your feelings of connection and relationships

Wellbeing is about your whole self and living a life that’s fulfilling and meaningful. If you’re ready to feel better and improve yours, incorporating the eight elements of MyLotusLifestyle are a great way to start on your journey to wellbeing. By incorporating these elements into your life, you can create a more balanced and fulfilling life.

If you are looking for more guidance, we encourage you to download our worksheet, download our MyLotusLifestyle app, or set up a free consult with one of our WellBeing Coaches. We’re here to help you on your journey to becoming a WellBeing.

Our App: My Lotus Lifestyle

We have incorporated core concepts from the coaching process into a dedicated iPhone app named My Lotus Lifestyle, and we invite you to join our pre-release team to provide feedback before release on the Apple App Store in early 2024. Plan your unique journey to healthy and joyful living by defining your personal vision for wellbeing, goals and action steps, and create a wellbeing journal to track your progress.


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